Eliminate All types of Viruses

Given the numerous questions about the security we have decided to write this simple but effective guide on how to remove the most viruses, spyware, trojans, and malware using only free tools.

Taking inspiration from the last question also resolved to our forums and some previous guide: "Removing virus-worm-spyware" and "Repair pc without formatting" summarize the various operations in a practical way forward.

1 - Slight

1. Get a good antivirus such as Avira AntiVir or in extremis KAV (although trial version)
2. Updated anti-virus (the virus signatures should be updated before the scan)
3. We set up the anti-virus in order to obtain a full scan.
4. We start the computer in Safe Mode (press F8 before win or read here)
5. Proceedings brought to the antivirus scan the entire system
6. Check whether the virus or virus were removed retracing the scan.

2 - Middle

1. Disable System Restore.
2. We start the PC in Safe Mode.
3. Re-try scanning the system completely.
4. Always check if residues remain

3 - With removal tool generic

If previous attempts are unsuccessful it is likely that our anti-virus does not recognize and therefore does not know how to delete the viruses found, so proceed installing some generic removal tool. Download this software and run it one at a time:

1. A-squared Free 3.5 - Powerful tool removes spyware, trojans, dialers, adware and malware
2. AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5 - One of the best anti-spyware software for free
3. Ad-Aware SE - A good removal tool virus / trojan generic.
4. Spybot - very comprehensive tool like Ad-aware-se.
5. Spywareterminator - Effective anti-spyware protection with real-time.
6. CWShredder Tool-specific browser hijackers / unwanted ads / pop-up.
7. Prevx CSI - Anti-malware generic stand-alone (scan only the most sensitive part of the system)
Once installed and configured the program to turn to follow the same methods described in the attempt 1 and 2 obviously acting on the newly installed program

4 - Tool database online

We search the following databases by writing the exact name of the virus in our attempt to find a specific tool, which is a small program designed solely or rather specialized in the removal of a single threat.

Here's where to look for the database:

1. Kaspersky Removal Tool
2. Symantec Removal Tool
3. Nod32 removal tool
4. BitDefender Removal Tool

5 - Online Virus Scanner

Let us consider this time in the scanner online. The virus scanners are online versions of antivirus running directly through the browser (Internet Explorer) that do not require installation (except for some plug-in for communication) and are supplied by the manufacturers themselves antvirus of classics (like Norton). Since residing on servers operated by the same manufacturers of antivirus-date on the latest virus definitions. Also in this case with the System Restore off.

Here are some of the most effective scanner:

1. Kaspersky - http://www.kaspersky.com/virusscanner
2. NanoScan - New works with firefox!
3. Trend Micro - http://housecall.trendmicro.com/
4. Panda - http://www.pandasoftware.com/products/ActiveScan.htm
5. Bit Defender - http://www.bitdefender.com/scan8/ie.html

6 - HijackThis Logs

HijackThis is a special software which takes care of generating a log or a text file which shows the most sensitive part of our system, as the record or particular locations within the system folders. This may well be useful for identifying suspicious files, the key suspect, and finally virus.

Following operations:

1. Download HijackThis 2.0.2
2. Open the HijackThis program
3. We click on the "Do a system scan and save a logfile"
4. The text file is saved in "C: \ Program Files \ Trend Micro \ HijackThis"
5. Now we got the infamous Log.
6. For the interpretation of the log we can connect to this site
7. If we have doubts about the analysis please contact us via the forum

Note: I point out that HijackThis was recently purchased by TrendMicro known security companies. The network still run older versions are not marked. Do not worry it's not fake (fake) but it is always better to use the latest version.

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