The name is Murofet

The name is Murofet and is a new virus for Windows that has the vague resemblance to the known Conficker.
This virus is very treacherous, is capable of infecting many files saved on your PC and is also able to steal passwords and send them saved on the remote server through a computer hacker.
Murofet infected PCs in the same way many other viruses: 2,000 bytes injected into an exe file that, once started, download the virus on the hard disk.
The attitude of this malware is very ambiguous, it is able to start downloading the virus but at the same time generates unique domains based on time of the computer virus is still groped to reach them cyclically one by one.
In 24 hours appears to be able to connect to the domain until 1020 can not download the virus. If the virus can infect two executables, trying to clog the network, in a cyclic way to connect to sites.
If you downloaded Murofet steal your data from your browser and the hacker will be sent to the remote server.

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