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BitDefender has released a removal tool for free Win32.Worm.Stuxnet, This tool is able to remove all known variants of Stuxnet, as well as the driver rootkit used to hide critical components of the worm. Win32.Worm.Stuxnet is a new type of online threat established around the middle of last July.

Although it may infect any Windows-based system, this worm is aimed primarily to SCADA systems (control and data acquisition) based on Siemens WinCC software. The worm spreads by taking advantage of several 0 day exploits of the current version of Windows. Moreover, it can auto-run from mobile devices as soon as the file. Lnk on the device is read by the operating system. Exploiting this vulnerability involves the installation of a backdoor and two rootkits that hide both files. Lnk files and. Tmp that accompany it. "Already 19 July BitDefender has added a generic detection than all the variations of Stuxnet, protecting their users from day one

In addition, as part of its ongoing commitment to helping people around the world in the fight against online threats, BitDefender has created a removal tool to Stuxnet. In this way, users are not protected by a security solution can eliminate Bitdefender Stuxnet from their infected systems, "says Catalin Cosoi, head of the 'Online Threats in BitDefender Lab. The tool can be used on 32 and 64-bit and eliminates both the driver of the rootkit is the worm. The removal tool of Stuxnet is available for download in the section on Removal Tools, an initiative dedicated to the community of BitDefender security software and free resource for anyone interested in their safety online

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