AVG PC TuneUp Utilities

AVG PC TuneUp Utilities is a department store program Latest from AVG to optimize your PC or laptop, fix the problems that affect the performance of your PC and enjoy your PC running more cepat.Singkirkan trail that tells your activity and remove the files you want to increase the speed of your pc.

Fix register problem causing traffic jams and crashes

Registry Cleaner and Registry Perapi

Fix register the scattered and damaged that memory spending, slow down your application and cause stability problems overall.
Disk Cleaner scans your hard drive to find files that spend disk space and slow down your computer. This may include temporary files, Internet browser cache or a file dump. Registry cleaners scan your registry to fix problems that cause computers to slow down, freeze or even crash.

Optimize your Internet connection
Internet Optimizer

Internet Optimizer automatically adjust settings for your Internet connection to speed up your online activities.
This tool will speed up your Internet connection by optimizing the arrangement - including the Max MTU and RWIN - especially for the type of Internet connection you use. In addition, Internet optimizer will test your connection settings before applying the changes.

Restoring accidentally deleted files
Recovery files

AVG PC TuneUp comes complete with a file recovery tool so you can recover files damaged or accidentally deleted in Windows.
This tool will restore files accidentally deleted or damaged file. Recovery of files also allows you to see samples of photos and documents while exploring the list of found files.

Deleting files and cleaning the disk permanently
Destroyer file and disk sweeper

Deleting a file or folder references eliminate them but did not delete the actual data stored in files. This means that files that you consider to have been deleted can be easily restored.
Destroyer files permanently delete files so that your personal data can not be recovered. This tool provides four options the destruction process, which ranged from the destruction process quickly until the level of military security. Disk cleaning tools can be used to clean the whole drive and to provide extra security. You can also turn off system restore while cleaning the disk to ensure there is no copying files during cleanup.

Protecting your privacy
Trace eraser

A lot of information about your activity recorded in PCs. Trace eraser will help you protect your privacy by deleting personal information from your computer.
When you surf the Internet, open a document or run a program, your activities recorded. Trace trace eraser hide this so no one can see which website you have visited or where the document you just opened.

Increase your disk speed
Perapi disk and registry

Disk defragmentation optimizes your file system to optimize your hard drive. Enjoy your hard disks for faster and more stable computer running smoothly.
Perapi reorder disk files on your disk so it can be read and written quickly. It improves application response time, system boot speed and overall computer performance. The same tool to clean your Windows registry with re-writing to eliminate fragmentation, the fragmented space and damage to structures

Remove Virus
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