Flame, Super Sophisticated computer viruses and dangerous attack Iran

Kaspersky Lab, is conducting an investigation with a new computer virus that was mentioned the most sophisticated in the world. The virus, dubbed the "Flame" is intended to attack Iran and several countries in the Middle East.

Kaspersky party suspected, the virus is made ​​by the government of a country. The complexity to Kapsersky own needs help to cope with this virus.
Kaspersky suspect, the virus is made ​​by the government of a country. Viruses are tricky to overcome, so Kapsersky need help to cope with this virus.

Reported, the new virus code has a size of 20-fold compared to the size of the majority of malicious software programs generally include Stuxnet. Worse, the new virus is suspected to have been circulating since last five years and infect a computer in Iran, Israel, Sudan, Syria, and Egypt as well.

Iran has repeatedly accused Western countries and Israel to make malicious programs to attack them. In addition to Stuxnet, other malicious programs that have hit Iran is Duqu.

Some of these viruses such as the ability to collect confidential data, change the settings in remote computer, turn on a computer microphone to record conversations, take a screenshot and copy the conversation in instant messaging. Israel accused of being behind this after Kaspersky detects virus infection in several Middle Eastern countries. This was confirmed a statement by Israel in the American observer states Flame is part of the action of the Jewish state cyber warfare

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