Digital TV overshadowed the risk of virus infection

One of the pioneer of digital TV, Ocean Blue Software (OBS), warned the latest generation of television is to save the risk of virus infection.

According to the OBS, unless the manufacturers take anticipative steps by offering a built-in protection system, the majority of digital television, which connect to the Internet network, are vulnerable to new types of virus that had not previously been associated with this device.

“Almost all television products to the processor, memory capacity and an internet connection overshadowed the risk,” said founder and CEO of OBS, Ken Helps, as quoted from ITProPortal.

Previously, digital television sets will only accept new software updates from the broadcaster. However, now almost all devices have an internet connection and a browser equipped with a built-in, allowing the owner to download anything.

“(But) the television does not have enough ability to run anti-virus protection,”said Helps.

To protect your digital TV, OBS suggested to complement the television with the services cloud-based anti-virus to scan all downloads before reaching the device. In addition, you also have to ensure the protection you have is the latest version.

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